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Home Theater Installation


  •  Have the right speakers – one little thing that can make a big difference with your home theater  is having the right speakers. People receive bad sound quality for having the wrong speakers.

  •  Upgrade your amplifier – for you to get the best from your home theater, it might be wise to upgrade your amplifier. However, carry out some studies or consult a professional to pick the best amplifier.

  •  Consider changing your speaker placement – another change is switching the speaker placement. By engaging experts, you can make a big difference with your home theater.  Get Quote Now


Installation of a Home Theater System can be tricky. Placement of speakers and audio configuration play a very important role in Home Theater Installation. It’s our passion and our Home Theater installers have the expertise to handle any type of speaker installation.We have gone through extensive training with major manufacturer’s out there so we can design and install you home theater system in a way that is very simple and easy for you to operate. We will design you home theater so it will be very easy to use and operate from your phone.

Turn on the lights, Lock your front door or change channels from your smart phone or tablet. We are experts on home automation and setup. We can design and integrate whole smart home features on your phone or tablet. The key to truly successful Smart Home Automation is installing one reliable system that integrates all the elements of your home in an easy-to-navigate interface. TvMounting Pros installers can customize and fully automate your smart home system to your liking with the latest gadgets out there in the market. 


TvMounting Pros can install outside speakers and TV’s for you to enjoy in your patio or next to the pool. Installing an audio video system outside can be challenging, all components have to be weatherproof and the wiring has to be done in a conduit. We are familiar with these challenges and will engineer your outdoor audio and video system to perform perfectly and consistently.

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